Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Special forces soldier arrested for 100lbs of c4 at home [MEDIA BLACKOUT!]

Soldier arrested over explosives in Tenn. field

(AP) – 14 hours ago

CLARKSVILLE, Tenn. — An Army Special Forces soldier has been arrested following the discovery of about 100 pounds of explosives outside his Tennessee home.

Federal and military officials searched his home early Monday morning after a pair of hunters found the C-4 plastic explosive in a field by the house outside Clarksville. The house is near Fort Campbell, a sprawling Army post on the Tennessee-Kentucky border where the soldier is based.

Maj. April Olsen, a spokeswoman for Army Special Forces at Fort Campbell, said the soldier, who was not identified, is currently being held in the county jail.

Olsen said the search was conducted by agents from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, the FBI and U.S. Army criminal investigators.

Ted Denny, spokesman for the Montgomery County sheriff, said the explosives found late Sunday evening appeared to be military ordnance.

Lon Santis, manager of technical services for the Institute of Makers of Explosives, the safety and security association of the commercial explosives industry, said most C-4 explosives are used by the military, but there is limited commercial use, such as in demolitions.

Santis said the ATF has record-keeping and identification requirements they can use to track explosives, but those requirements do not apply to military explosives.

Another Fort Campbell soldier was arrested in October and charged with selling four stolen hand grenades and a stolen anti-tank rocket to an undercover officer in Tennessee.

Prosecutors said the transaction with Pfc. Joshua Bartlett Etherton, a 101st Airborne Division soldier, was arranged after police in the small town of Paris received a tip, but they would not say who he believed was the buyer.

He remains in prison without bond.

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i have not seen this story on the MSM which means he was probably a patsy (or worse) and some plan got screwed up.

Why is there an MSM blackout on this?

Quite simple really.

You can't take away anyone's rights for military explosive killing masses of people.  Because you cannot buy military explosives, there is no additional tracking and tracing that you can sell to the public based on this, because the public could never get their hands on this.

You can't demonize the Internet with it either, because you cannot buy C4 on the Internet.

No, the real threat is lipstick, eye shadow, face powders, creams, nail polish remover, foundation, and so on.  Because everyone can buy those, and you can create some new permanent boogey men and get the hologram Obama's reprobate lemming goon squads to report on you for so-called suspicious behavior because you are engaging in normal activities that people have since the history of when such items were invented.  YOu can get people conditioned to the GIG enslavement tracking system by making EVERYTHING (not just everyone anymore) a deadly potential to cause "terror" unless it is being analyzed by biochemical, radiological, infrared, olfactory sensor, ultra violet, x-ray, sound, AI algorithm signatures of every type of movement, etc.

But the nano-thermite used on 9/11 is perfectly fine and gets zero investigation, and 100 pounds of C4 gets no investigation, because it is far less deadly than H2O2, because it kills actual harmful germs and is thus antithetical in a world where eugenics must take precedence over all else.

The discovery of this prematurely kills their ability to blame it on something else had a false flag attack been carried out using C4.  And their silence on it makes them even less able to pull that off later on.

I was in E.O.D. in the military, C4 typically comes in 1/4lb rectangular sticks and is stored in multi-layered physical and electronic security locks inside heavily shielded bunkers with 3 foot thick blast doors where an officer remotely communicates with their base commander letting them know that they are accessing the explosives vault.  This is not shit that you casually are able to remove without detection, even one brick, much less 400 of them.

No doubt RAND Corporation is very pissed off that this was discovered before they could order it to be used for IED's in shopping malls to usher in more of their C4ISR weapons/surveillance grid architecture as laid out in PDF documents of theirs.

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