Thursday, November 5, 2009

The NWO is going to decapitate IT infrastructure with 2 phase RNA recombinant Flu

A few excerpts of the CyberSecurity Bill that I will highlight.  The entire bill is totally tyrannical as hell and incredibly unconstitutional and hellbent fascist.

The Institute shall, establish standard computer-readable language for completely specifying the configuration of software on computer systems widely used in the Federal    Government, by government contractors and grantees, and in private sector owned critical infrastructure information systems and networks.

This gives the NWO full control over any private company (and your personal PC in your home) to FORCE backdoors into their systems, where previously there may have been none that were exploitable by the government.  This will eliminate any escape from government intrusion, and backdoor access into any system. They will make any use of freedom-promoting operating systems illegal. 

An example of how they can designate all home computers as "critical infrastructure" is to propagandize on mainstream media - telling people that a bunch of botnets or personal computers were responsible for disrupting government systems, or shutting down a bank (that angle has already been psyop'd to the public, because it fits in as a convenient trump card, due to the manufactured economic crisis).

(7) National compliance standards for all software
(A) PROTOCOL- The Institute shall establish a standard testing and accreditation protocol for software built by or for the Federal Government, its contractors, and grantees, and private sector owned critical infrastructure information systems and networks to ensure that it-- 
(i) meets the software security standards of paragraph (2); and
(ii) does not require or cause any changes to be made in the standard configurations described in paragraph (4).

This may very well make it unprofitable for anyone other than NWO-funded software companies to make software.  Another way of creating a monopoly; cornering the market by making it too expensive for smaller companies to comply with such tryannical bullshit.

(b) CRITERIA FOR STANDARDS- Notwithstanding any other provision of law (including any Executive Order), rule, regulation, or guideline, in establishing standards under this section, the Istitute shall disregard the designation of an information system or network as a national security system or on the basis of presence of classified or confidential information, and shall establish standards based on risk profiles.

This means that every single computer and the ENTIRE internet is considered to be directly a part of the DoD. Everything is the property of the government; and you have zero rights - zero freedom with respect to the use of your own PC in your home.

(2) shall require each Federal agency, and each operator of an information system or network designated by the President as a critical infrastructure information system or network,         periodically to demonstrate compliance with the standards established under this section.

This allows the government to force themselves directly into your home to inspect your computer; to make sure that you are complying with the NWO's bullshit enslavement directives!  It is like applying maximum level sex offender registration monitoring to the very use of  any computer in your own home.  Bilderberg, CSIS, CFR, NCOIC will ORDER Obama to declare EVERYTHING as "critical infrastructure".

There will not be any computer, network, or internet-connected device that will be exempt from being designated as such. Their verbiage in this regard is a complete psyop: suggesting that "Don't worry, your computer or network might not be designated as such, and you might not have to worry about it".  -- Bullshit.  It WILL be forced on everyone.

e) FCC NATIONAL BROADBAND PLAN- In developing the national broadband plan pursuant to section 6001(k) of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the Federal Communications Commission shall report on the most effective and efficient means to ensure the cybersecurity of commercial broadband networks, including consideration of consumer education and outreach programs

This means full implementation of IPv6, full implementation of RBAC enslavement on a per-person basis via biometric logon - authenticated into a global enterprise architecture where you will have zero freedom. You might as well NOT use the internet, period, because it will be completely useless. 

The Secretary of Commerce shall develop and implement a national cybersecurity awareness campaign that- 
(1) is designed to heighten public awareness of cybersecurity issues and concerns;
(2) communicates the Federal Government’s role in securing the Internet and protecting privacy and civil liberties with respect to Internet-related activities; and
(3) utilizes public and private sector means of providing information to the public, including public service announcements.

This is about using full spectrum psyops to, once again, pull the public into the illegitimate national security state paradigm - applying the same bullshit about 'going green' (e.g., communism) to the internet. The government is going to try to force you to be concerned about what they want you to be concered about: as if anything they tell you is even remotely a real threat.

(5) How to build new protocols to enable the Internet to have robust security as one of its key capabilities.

This is IPv6 TOTAL ENSLAVEMENT.  IPv6 will run the cashless monetary system, it will enable the United Nations to delineate 'rights' to you, or revoke them at will, dynamically and in real-time, depending on 'how good a slave' you are in the global corporatist-feudalist prison planet.   IPv6 will enable total coherency for global autonomous robotic AI systems; surveillance, weapons grids, area denial, anti-access (i.e., blocking you from travel).

In this Act:
(1) ADVISORY PANEL- The term ‘Advisory Panel’ means the Cybersecurity Advisory Panel established or designated under  section 3.
(2) CYBER- The term ‘cyber’ means--
(A) any process, program, or protocol relating to the use of the Internet or an intranet, automatic data processing or transmission, or telecommunication via the Internet or an intranet; and
(B) any matter relating to, or involving the use of, computers or computer networks.

This means that simply using a computer for anything whatsoever, or even OWNING a computer, (whether or not you use it - and regardless of whether you use the internet) - it will still be subject to the total tyranny of this Bill. It will be forced into the unconstitutional high treason and psyop of "national security", and (in their context) "cybersecurity".  Cybersecurity, as used in this Bill means "We own ALL digital data, and all computer technology and we can come to your home and inspect your equipment, and fine you - take you to prison, or shoot you DEAD for failing to comply with our mandates.   

The term ‘Federal Government and United States critical infrastructure information systems and networks’ includes--
(A) Federal Government information systems and networks; and
(B) State, local, and nongovernmental information systems and networks in the United States designated by the President as critical infrastructure information systems and networks.

Once again, EVERYTHING that facilitates freedom in any way will be designated as "critical infrastructure" - so that they can remove that freedom from you. This is being implemented regardless of the existence of this Bill - regardless of whether is does or does NOT pass! 

The Bill itself means nothing because the content of the bill (and worse) will be implemented by fiat by the CSIS/NCOIC.  If they pull this off, everyone face total enslavement for the rest of their lives.   

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