Thursday, December 3, 2009

Since the "Swine Flu" shows a less than 1% death rate, why bother with the vaccines?

A poster to the PrisonPlanet Forum asked the following question in response to the recent 12/02/09 CDC figures on Swine Flu infections in the US (14 to 34 million) compared to the deaths associated with Swine Flu:

"If this is correct and the numbers are correct of people who have died worldwide due to the Swine Flu being around 6000 - Then That MEANS THE SWINE FLU IS NOTHING!! Very Very SMALL DEATH RATE!"

..." why the craziness over getting a Vaccine for Something that has Such a LOW mortality rate? WHY the Big Scare? WHY the state of emergency? WHY such media attention over something that is nothing?!  Because they know that when they chemtrail the U.S. with the other half of the RNA virus that they split in the lab, that tens of millions to 100 million+ will be murdered in the U.S.  Why bother with vaccines?"

Because they know that when they chemtrail the U.S. with the other half of the RNA virus that they split in the lab, that tens of millions to 100 million+ will be murdered in the U.S.

1)  To test who will bow down to tyrannical dictatorship (setting precedent for more full spectrum tyranny.)

2)  To set the precedent for permanent, huge vaccine manufacturing plants in the U.S. and abroad--which by itself will expand the eugenics agenda even more.

3)  To psyop the living f*ck out of everyone and get people to fight with each other with the MSM pushing ultra wicked propaganda that those who educated themselves factually and thoroughly and rejected the inalienable rights-violating, and New World Order bioterrorist "vaccine" caused those who took the vaccine to die (reinforcing fraudulent "herd-immunity") mega psyops.

4)  The vaccine creates the total illusion to many people that the CDC and WHO, (and all of their eugenicist complicit medical practitioners) actually give a flying f*ck about the health/well-being of the population, and preemptively psyop conditions the minds of those who claim they have no time to thoroughly research the facts, that they are trying to be the saviors during their own manufactured pandemic.  The CDC/WHO can cite all of their warnings years past about global H5N1 pandemic threats as fake legitimization for their current actions by claiming that "we warned you years ago."  When the fact is that their criminal eugenicist bioterrorists were responsible for the propagation of H5N1, the creation of SARS (a cover for H5N1) all to lay the groundwork for global fascist, tyrannical bio-surveillance for their own false flags, in exactly the same way as warrantless wiretapping, and other electronic surveillance was allegedly necessary to "prevent another 911."

When the plans for such tyranny had nothing to do with any so called "terror" attacks, but were in fact planned many years in advance to secure the total monopolistic, feudalist global supply chain infrastructure, total evisceration of government by the people, of the people, and for the people, with a global information grid, artificial intelligence driven virtual government where all representation has been supplanted by dictatorship at the camera lenses of NRO satellites, micro, nano UAV's, regular UAV's to shoot and kill, and blow up anyone who dares hold onto the very notion of God-given, non usurp-able rights.

5)  The propaganda about the vaccines serves as another huge psyop in and of itself as well.  That pysop being that only those who submit or willingly (via ignorance) are at a risk of dying, when the fact is that the vaccines were only used to get the contagious 1st half of their bioweapon globally dispersed.  Without the vaccines, there would have been ZERO CHANCE of such a threat, not the "100% chance" as per Nazi eugenicist IBM's confidential internal document.

The criminal enemy terrorist traitors at the CDC/WHO also run constant psyops of "hand-washing" and wiping down surfaces in schools, for example, against a multi-year engineered bioweapon that has had full predictive artificial intelligence computations preemptively calculating all aspects of its virulence, lethality and contagiousness,  when released into the real world.  Such software enabled the very inception of race-specific bioweapons that Michael Riconosciuto had first-hand knowledge of over 20 years ago.

6)  It is entirely possible that anyone (worldwide) that refuses the vaccine, will be fraudulently labeled as a "bioterror threat", or a "threat to national security",  replete with the multi-spectrum, carefully gauged psyops that is already being predicted right now by their AI inference engine programs to ensure the maximum probability of their cold blooded, murderous overthrow of the Republic, and all other nations worldwide that have not already submitted to the real terrorists at Bilderberg/RIIA/CFR/CoR/TC/CSIS.

Be on guard for incoming, unprecedented propaganda about the flu, quarantines ("keeping others safe via so-called "social distancing") over the next month and onward--in addition to massive, beyond off the charts demonization of the current IPv4 compatible Internet needing to be replaced by the NWO's enterprise architecture/RBAC/real time truth filter friendly IPv6.

Such demonization of the Internet will include, but not be limited to the following:

1)  "Anyonymous" use of the Internet enables cyber-terrorism--solution:  thumb, retinal biometric tyranny to authenticate you to even get online to do ANYTHING.

2)  "OMFG, American people who do not want to be slaves are on "THE SAME" network as the U.S. military--the ONLY WAY to be safe is to switch to IPv6 so that we can control who has access TO OUR networks!"

3)  "Current Internet infrastructure, and most software in use by millions is inherently a threat to the NWO's (i.e. the AFRL) "cyber supremacy"."  Solution:  All software writers worldwide must be approved by the NWO, be licensed by the NWO, have built in backdoors to the NWO for full spectrum, continuous, persistent tyrannically fascist "supervision" and surveillance.

4)  The problem reaction solution implementation of the death ("smart") grid will create its own "sudden demand/need" for "cyber security".

Because it is all Ptech run, it is fully vulnerable to being cyber attacked AT WILL by the NWO Air Force "cyber command" black ops terrorist centers--to usher in further lockdown of any remaining vestiges of freedom, and fraudulently legitimize the utilization of NORTHCOM to being an active role in "securing the smart energy grid" from THEIR OWN FALSE FLAGS which will be blamed on your teengage son or daughter, or anyone you can imagine.

Remember, CSIS's terrorist scum James Lewis, and the global warming believer puppet General for "Lord" Rothschild, David Rockefeller, and Queen Nazi's of England and the Netherlands,  Renuart of the criminal, illegitimate NORTHCOM (born out of the largest false flag in world history) himself stated that a teenage kid with torn blue jeans and a PC (or Internet enabled cell phone, thumb drive) is just as much of a threat to critical infrastructure/national security as an entire nation state like China or Russia.

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